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The simple way to deliver training courses, access learning resources and monitor staff performance


Whatever the size of your business, our eLearning platform can improve staff engagement, save you money and increase the effectiveness of your staff.

Built to respond to your business needs

  • Create your own tailor-made assessments and learning resources in minutes.
  • Align with your training strategy or CPD platform for maximum efficiency
  • Track your employees learning and development with live insights and reporting
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulatory standards if required

Help your employees uncover their potential and your company to leverage the talent and potential in your future leaders.

Triad eLearning Platform

What is our eLearning platform?

Triad eLearning is an online training platform which allows your management team to set and assign staff assessments across the business according to their job role, team/division or seniority.

It can be configured to work exactly as you want it to, including integration with your current CPD platform, training provider or staff induction process.

Set clear, achievable goals for your staff and allow them to complete assessments at their own pace – logging into the platform wherever and whenever they choose.

Benefits of our eLearning platform?

  • Can be configured exactly how you want it to work
  • Manage and oversee all training being conducted
  • Bespoke reporting system allows you to see how well teams and individuals are performing
  • Gives staff the autonomy to take control of their learning
  • Set Core modules, and Extended Learning modules for those who want more
  • Provide access to professional and personal development for all your employees
  • Manage on-boarding, training, development and compliance needs more easily with a single online platform
  • Reduce organisational learning and training costs
Benefits of our eLearning Platform
How does the Triad eLearning platform work?

How does it work?

Admin level staff can create assessments.

Managers can assign assessments to their staff, monitor their progress and access reports on their team’s performance.

Staff can take assessments that have been assigned to them, and register for available assessments.


“We’ve been delighted with the impact our Connected Learning platform has created across the PSA Finance dealer network during its first year of use.

The impressive figures around improved eLearning engagement and a massive increase in approved CPD records speak for themselves.

A 50% reduction in our training department expenses has been an additional benefit. Going forward we will continue to develop the functionality of the platform.

It plays an increasingly central role in our dealer development strategy as it gives oversight on all our products, provides the compliance we need, demonstrates training records and ties in to the rewards programme.”

Tristan Asplin, PSA Finance UK Ltd


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