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Triad. Think Creative

Come on England!!

Our Directors Steve Andrews and David Sandell are avid followers of Rugby so they set a challenge for our creative team; with the Rugby World Cup kicking off we thought what better way to show our support for the England Rugby Team than with an animated short.


To create an animated short based around the Rugby World Cup – delivering a clear and concise message to make an impact within 1 minute, with of course some added humour!


Before any digital work started, our creative team always hit the drawing board and sketch initial ideas. These ideas create the storyboard to outline the overall story, main frames for the animation and the two characters… move over David and Goliath, Wolfe and William are here!

Time to get building the characters who were modelled, rigged, textured, animated and rendered in-house. William, a small underestimated boy who is cool, calm and collected – nothing fazes him, he just thinks creative.

Wolfe, an intimidating rugged older boy who uses his stature to get around the opposition – he is big and burly, and rather scary with those moans and groans.

We felt it was important that we use a juxtaposition in the opening scenes where the two characters stand opposite each other, showing Wolfe’s stature compared to William’s ‘innocence’. In addition, contrasting colours were chosen between Wolfe (the villain in black) and William (the boy in blue).

3DS Max software was used to put the creative short together, along with simple shaders and bump maps to pick out details of the skin. Morph targets were used to create the desired facial expressions and Wolfe’s fierce appearance whilst slow motion was used to enhance the dramatic scene where William conquers his opponent.


Having previously created a successful 3D character for our client, Polydist, this was another opportunity to use our excellent animation skills to present a story between two very different characters. But now, we just wait and see if the England team can follow in William’s footsteps to be successful in winning the World Cup!

Make an Impact. Come on England!

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