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Triad. Think Creative

Connectiv Elements Mixed Media Assemblage

Richard James, Triad’s Senior Designer and artist, was commissioned to produce a piece of art to parallel and reflect Triad’s ‘Connectiv Elements’ of creative commercial arts.

This piece is displayed in our reception area and has certainly become a talking point for our visitors. With intricate detail and precision in every part, a different element is captured each time you look at it.

All 98 elements occurring naturally on Earth, including those that make up our bodies and all life on the planet, were formed at the heart of a star.

The fragments of extinct life used were collected from the grounds of Holdenby Estate and have been ‘re-connected’ to their origin in this construction.

Assemblage artwork in the Triad reception area
Principle Objects include:

  • The Periodic Table
  • Deep Sky Star Atlas
  • Photographs
  • Linnet remains
  • Hornets, Bees, Butterflies and Moths
  • Snail Shells
  • Fox Jaw and Scapula
  • Sheep Jaw and Fleece
  • Wood Pigeon and Yellowhammer Skulls
  • Soil and Rock Samples
  • Flowers and Root

Next time you come in to see us you can have a look at this spectacular piece for yourself!

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