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Leading the way for memcom 2019

As memcom’s creative partner, we were excited to get started on the visual theming for this year’s conference and awards. With 2019 set to be the biggest and best yet, we wanted to make sure that the visuals would provide the perfect backdrop.

A new logo to mark 20 years

2019 marks memcom’s 20th anniversary so we were keen to celebrate this milestone with a special logo to give recognition, and added gravitas, to the materials.
Our next step was to look at creating an overall look and feel for the event, based on the theme of “Leading into the future”.
Aligning with memcom’s brand voice, we felt it was important to deliver a bold, modern, and inspirational visual which matched the professionalism of the event, would speak to the target audience and represented its key themes.

Developing the visual concept

We explored different ideas and presented the following to the memcom team:

Concept 1:

This creative was a simple, subtle visual conveying movement. The lines are suggestive of a pathway which we encourage the viewer to travel along.

Concept 1: image Concept 1: image

Concept 2:

This concept looks at conveying the idea of a portal or gateway into the future – moving towards or looking into a bright light. A bold, modern visual which is quite striking and highlights the theme of ‘future-thinking’.

Concept 2: image Concept 2: image

Concept 3:

This concept is more abstract and colourful, representing movement and travelling into the future. The dynamic visuals aim to draw the viewer in and take them on a journey.

Concept 3: image Concept 3: image

The Decision

An approach was chosen, and concept 2 (also our favourite!) was taken into further development.

From our initial ideas, we refined the visuals, including modelling the shapes in 3D to give them more depth and texture which makes the overall concept feel much more dynamic. We also explored how close-ups of different segments of the shape could be used to create interesting visuals.

We developed the awards identity so that whilst distinct, there was still a close relationship between this and the conference theming. A star shape was felt to be more celebratory, and gold was introduced to bring an extra special glitz and glamour to the evening awards event!

Finally, a textured background was added to elevate the visuals and enhance the overall feel of the event materials.

We love the bold, daring modernity of the concept and it will have real standout across all mediums.” Anna Rivers, Marketing Manager, memcom

The Decision image The Decision image

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