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New features rolled out in latest version of 3Ds Max

New features rolled out in the recent update of 3Ds Max now allow our 3D design projects to become more streamlined. The update has meant that the modelling process is achieved more quickly, therefore saving time which can be spent on the creative execution and animation of a project.

One of the main improvements of the latest version of 3Ds Max is the way we can easily rework a 3D model’s structure, also know as topology. This allows us to work with the model or logo in a creative and non-destructive way.

Before this update, we would need to either request new CAD data from the client or remodel the required part which could often be significant work and would add time and cost to the job.

Now we have a clean non-destructive workflow for most models which has opened up endless possibilities for a number of future projects.

The update is also optimized for use within Adobe After Effects and allows for efficient workflow with minimal plugins.

In addition, a small edit to the way the 3Ds Max extrusion tool works now means we can re-think at speed how we cut into a model and manage the shape of hard surface objects. Previously we would use Boolean to cut into an object which is often time consuming and requires the use of other software. The new workflow means we can generate models faster and cleaner.

In addition to the update to 3Ds Max, our designers have also taken time to develop their own skills and now have a much deeper understanding of how to work with pFlow. This has always been a useful tool across all jobs from motion graphics to scattering scene objects. Having this ability in-house now enables us to push the boundaries for all future products by implementing pFlow’s exciting features and techniques.

For industrial, automotive, and creative workflows we can utilize the above tools, knowledge and improvements to quickly model, animate and expand our creativity.

Our 3D designers are experienced in using 3Ds Max and are always looking out for new updates and features to ensure we continue to push the creative boundaries with our 3D projects. We are committed to staying at the cutting edge of the latest technology so that we can help our clients promote their products and facilities in the best way possible.

You can find out more about our 3D offering and some of our latest projects here.

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