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RS PRO Sensors Campaign

This campaign to promote RS PRO sensors forms part of an ongoing promotional series of campaigns we’ve been working on with our Milan based client.

RS PRO is the own label brand of RS Components, and sensors are a key part of their business.

Sensors play a vital role in many businesses’ production and assembly lines. Automation without sensors is not possible. Machines are blind without sensors.

RS PRO-BOT, the emotional part of the brand and personification of the brand values, again takes centre stage in showcasing the range of RS PRO products, this time in a food and beverage plant.

The ever-resourceful RS PRO-BOT throws himself wholeheartedly into proceedings on the assembly line, and in the process elevates the RS PRO brand and increases awareness of the product range in an engaging and memorable way.

You can view the range of assets we produced and the full sensor product range here.

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