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The Summer Intern

Following almost four years in the luxury travel industry I was keen to explore the prospect of a design agency before grudgingly heading into a new challenge of post graduate studies in September.

I come from a background of marketing and graphic design which until recently I always believed I was fairly good at. However, upon watching the creative mastery of the Triad team I realised that it is very easy to make a luxury holiday look attractive whereas it takes real skill to compose compelling marketing campaigns for day to day industries.

I was invited into Triad to offer my expertise on marketing within the luxury sector, but also to gain an appreciation for the differing working environment of a design agency compared to an in-house marketing department. As far as first impressions go the looming structure of Holdenby House is pretty special. As I parked in grounds of one of the UK’s most prestigious country houses, I considered how different this placement would be to my time spent in the bland office blocks of central Northampton.

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As a considerable amount of the team have worked in the design sector longer than I have been alive it quickly became apparent that the level of experience in Triad stretches well beyond what I have been involved in previously. Specifically, the quality of Triad’s 3D modelling and animation highlighted the capabilities of modern marketing. Over the busy five weeks I have been involved in creating a brand extension, developing marketing communications, copywriting, marketing in the water industry, exploring branded environments, exhibition advertising and more copywriting. It has been the kind of fast paced work you would hope for in a summer placement and I have gained a valuable insight into the evolving world of design.

Though the working environment has been very different to what I have encountered previously I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Triad.

Ben Oxford

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