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How do you continue training retail networks during a global pandemic?

major automotive finance company

Our relationship with a major automotive finance company spans two decades and over the years Triad has continued to work closely with the learning and development team to brainstorm innovative enhancements to their eLearning platform which we launched back in December 2018.

The pandemic forced dealerships to close, and face to face training was no longer an option. Fortunately, our client’s eLearning platform was already widely available, enabling dealers from across the Group’s various brands to continue training during the chaos of COVID. Our comprehensive reporting features showed a significant uptake in online learning and the completion of modules during this time.

What business benefits can eLearning platforms deliver?

As with so many other areas of life, the pandemic has necessitated change and accelerated progress. Since introducing the platform, key benefits have included;

  • Significant reduction in training department costs – removing all travel, accommodation and venue booking fees.
  • Traditional face to face courses replaced with webinars and online modules.
  • No more unproductive time travelling to and from venues for delegates.
  • Frustration for trainers with ‘no shows’ is a thing of the past
  • Product knowledge and service processes can be communicated and tested more quickly
  • Knowledge retention can be measured, quantified and shared amongst all the relevant stakeholder groups.

Can eLearning improve the product launch process?

Comparison between two product launches pre and post Covid perfectly demonstrates the benefits of eLearning vs face to face training.

Product 1 – summer 2019. National rollout.

  • Classroom training. One month to source and hire venues
  • Several weeks to cover the whole dealer network
  • Significant cost to train c 500 sales people - average 10 people per session
  • Feedback collected on course effectiveness but no knowledge retention tested

Product 2 – summer 2020. National rollout

  • Online assessment module created in under a weak
  • People started taking it immediately following email notification
  • 550 sales staff completed it within days of launch
  • Qualification certificate issued on successful completion
  • Detailed management information available in real time

What improvements are being made?
We work collaboratively to develop and refine our client’s eLearning platform which has proved crucial for training and development during 2020 and going into 2021.

Enhanced reporting features including attendance for webinars and automated reporting on weekly activity across the different brands are just some of the many improvements developed during the pandemic. In addition, a new qualifications module which awards the user different accreditation levels on completion of the required training modules has made a big, positive impact on engagement levels.

What does the client think?

Our client’s Learning and Development Manager has found the eLearning platform invaluable, and extremely beneficial for the Continued Professional Development of the dealerships during the pandemic, “Since the start of lockdown we have had just over 5,000 individual test completions in the Connected Learning system, including 455 directly related to new procedures required by the pandemic environment. The system has allowed us to continue to deliver training in a non-contact, safe method. We have seen salespeople take learning during the evening, weekends and even bank holidays, the definition of “at the delegate’s convenience”.

Going forward the reporting will allow us to satisfy our own higher expectations from both a regulatory and engagement point of view. There has been no outage or other loss of access throughout this period.”

Could your organisation benefit from a tried and tested eLearning platform?

We know our system works and delivers demonstrable benefits and positive results. Your training team can set and assign staff assessments across the business, depending on their job role, team, division or seniority. It can be configured to work exactly as you want it to – including integration with your current CPD platform, training provider or staff induction process.

In a nutshell, our eLearning platform can improve employee engagement, reduce your training and development costs and increase individuals’ performance, whatever the size of your business.

We’ve created a short explainer video to tell you more about the platform, along with some additional information here

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