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Triad take on the Peaks

On Friday afternoon, a group of us left sunny Triad, hit the road and travelled up to the Peak District for a weekend of walking. We arrived at the youth hostel in Edale, headed up to the rooms to drop off our bags and knew straight away from seeing the 8 bunks in boys’ rooms, the weekend was going to be entertaining, full of fun and laughter. Seeing our 6’ 4 Marketing Director in a bunk was enough to make the whole weekend and that was just the beginning!

We then headed to the village pub which was a 2 mile walk away through fields of sheep and cows. The beautiful scenery we were all admiring was just a glimpse of what was to come on Saturday when we would be on top of the peaks looking down on the valley we were now in. A fun filled evening was spent in the pub trying the local ales (it would be rude not to) and eating great food before making the same walk back but this time in the dark!

The next morning the beaming sun woke us up early, so once we had filled up on breakfast we were ready to set off. Two hours in and we were faced with a rock climb up Kinder Scout, this was a real test of strength and determination especially with the hot weather making everything seem even tougher but we all made it to the top and the views were spectacular, but this is when the weather and terrain changed. Torrential rain, strong winds and a lot of peat bogs to navigate round (or through) to get to Jacobs Ladder which was our descending point. The videos below show Scott and Warren’s attempt at crossing just one of many!

After an hour or so of crossing the bogs and peaty terrain we reached the other side, had a quick lunch stop and the long walk down began. We made it back to the youth hostel in great time, a total of 7 hours walking, 13 miles completed. It was a fantastic team effort with everyone helping each other whether that was climbing up rocks, pulling each other out of bogs or sharing their food supplies. We have a great team, everyone was enthusiastic having fun and making the most of this amazing experience.

Bring on Edale 2018!

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