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Triad’s commitment to support the Green Revolution

The UK Government’s announcement to create a new ‘green industrial revolution’ across the UK targeted key areas such as clean energy provision, transport solutions, innovative technologies and construction.

As well as supporting the key economic objectives of levelling up with job creation and attracting additional private investment to support the Government’s own claimed commitment of £12bn, this initiative is another example of a significant shift in sentiment around the world.

Under the new Biden administration, the US will rejoin the Paris agreement on Climate Change. China has committed to cut net carbon emissions to net zero by 2060. Clean energy firms’ stock prices are soaring in global financial markets and Tesla’s Elon Musk has just become the world’s wealthiest person.

Triad’s Sustainable Futures campaign aims to promote the incredible work that’s already being done by organisations in this country to help achieve the Government’s green agenda. For many years, Triad has been working closely with advance engineering firms and energy providers to showcase the latest technology and the positive impact of their products and services.

It was fitting that on the very December day in 2015 that the Paris agreement was signed, we were in the London offices of our client, World Nuclear Association. The meeting centred on the new public awareness campaign we were developing, to demonstrate how Nuclear energy, along with renewables, is part of a balanced solution for the world’s future power generation needs.

That campaign was a great example of how creative thinking, innovative graphics and animation can bring a difficult subject to life and truly engage the public’s imagination.

We’ve had the good fortune to see at first hand the amazing work that’s being undertaken in our world - leading research institutes around the country to develop the technologies and materials that will drive our sustainable futures. From Cranfield University to Catapult High Value Manufacturing, we’ve been given access to some of the future thinking that is now becoming reality.

Triad helps clients demonstrate the very real world benefits of putting this ‘thinking’ and research into practise with applications that will revolutionise their markets. This includes Penso’s expertise in applying some of the Composite Technologies we saw being developed at HVM Catapult to solve complex payload challenges for some of the world’s leading names in automotive, aerospace, rail and defence.

The construction sector is making massive strides in embracing more sustainable practises – from materials used to waste management; from increasing digitisation of project delivery to the decarbonisation of heating systems. There are still huge strides to make and Triad’s commitment to promoting sustainable futures includes working with more construction firms to help them visualise and demonstrate new schemes and developments as they come on stream.

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll continue to share projects and new initiatives from across all four of the pivotal sectors outlined above as we support the Government’s desire to forge ahead with the UK’s own Green Industrial Revolution.

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