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Sales & Marketing

What do we mean?

Every business should have some form of sales and marketing plan agreed each year and reviewed on a regular basis. The key for success and business growth is how effectively the two areas work together. These functions aren’t mutually exclusive. Marketing supports sales through shared objectives and joint responsibility. Whilst marketing focuses on generating brand awareness and developing leads, sales concentrates on building relationships and converting these leads into clients. This is a dynamic, joined up process and is increasingly headed by one individual.

How can we help?

At Triad we listen to your objectives and work closely with you to achieve these. Some of our team have extensive client side experience running sales and marketing teams. One of the biggest challenges companies face can be ensuring sales teams receive relevant, timely information, often in multi - media formats for launch campaigns. If everything can be accessed in one place, with consistent messaging and the ability to provide updates as required, the sales team can focus on successful qualification and presenting, as opposed to concerns about what materials to use or where these can be found.

Creative Sales and Marketing

We use our business insight, creative thinking and technical expertise to shape bespoke solutions to help launch new products and marketing campaigns.


The Sales and Marketing Plan

We believe passionately that by applying a set of consistent principles, fundamental challenges can be overcome. Understand your audience and agree who you’re looking to attract. Shape your offer or communication accordingly using channels relevant to that audience. Set objectives and targets for your campaign or product launch and then review outcomes after an agreed period. Analyse results and then revise messaging/communication channels/pricing based on revised priorities and targets and go again.

This continuous cycle is a fundamental discipline for any successful sale and marketing operation.

The Sales and Marketing Plan

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