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Campaign Development

How to ensure your campaign achieve impact?

Triad’s broad service offering comprising brand, content and digital solutions means we’re in a strong position to help clients plan and implement campaigns across multiple channels.

Every campaign we’re asked to look at starts off with us asking the same questions;

(nb – ensure these are presented the same way as other questions on the site in our services section)

What’s are the key differentiators in the product, service or initiative you’re looking to promote?

Who are your target audiences?

What are the key messages you need to convey?

What outcomes are you looking to achieve?

How would you classify success?

Once we understand the key requirement and agree some basic goals, we can start thinking about how to go about achieving these. It’s during this stage of the process that we would start considering different and creative approaches, graphic style, animation techniques and output media.

Increasingly we might work collaboratively on behalf of our clients with other disciplines (e.g. PR and media agencies) in planning and executing campaigns. Sometimes we create the assets and hand them over for placement and implementation, or we’ll arrange for this to be executed ourselves.

Underlying all of our activity, is the fundamental requirement to agree clear objectives, so that outcomes can be measured, evaluated and refinements to campaign activity can be made, if required.

In our own creative industry, we are faced with challenges from clients and prospects every day. We’ll always look to employ the same basis principles as set out above, but level of detail will vary depending on the complexity of each project. We help our clients define a clear strategy that is aligned to their marketing and communication objectives and then develop the appropriate creative communications plan across relevant media channels to help them reach their target audience and, hopefully, achieve their objectives.

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