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Employee Engagement

Why is effective Employee Engagement so important?

It’s often said that a company is only as good as the people who work there. Successful businesses make sure that their team are highly motivated, fully engaged and always up to speed with the aims, objectives and latest initiatives of the organisation. This involves effective, regular internal communications via a range of understood and adopted channels. Business performance improves when staff buy in to the vision and culture of the organisation because their working environment reflects the brand’s values which in turn instils pride and passion into the workforce.

How can we help?

Clients retain our services because we can provide concise, objective clarity to what is often a large volume of complex information. We convert the material we’re given and use a mix of creative and digital expertise to develop engaging, internal presentations. We encourage clients to view internal customers – the employees – in the same way as external, end users. This means making sure important information around strategy, products and campaigns are shared in a timely, relevant and inspiring way.

Why looking after your employees’ wellbeing matters

We’re increasingly involved with helping our clients support their employees’ wellbeing. There’s more support than ever around initiatives to promote health and fitness, nutrition and a good work-life balance. From our perspective we undertake brand implementation projects – often across multiple sites for the same client. Our remit is to create inspiring working environments that do justice to the brand’s values and instil pride and motivate all the people who work there.

How can you build an engaged and motivated workforce?

Staff retention is a primary driver for implementing effective employee engagement programmes. Team motivation is key. A motivated team, who understand where the organisation is heading, respect their managers and the executive team; who see opportunity for career advancement and who enjoy their work environment, are far more likely to stay with the organisation and contribute positively to future success.

Whether it’s effective internal communication, team engagement activities, creating inspiring work spaces, looking after employees’ wellbeing or staff retention – all of these areas should combine into one coherent, ongoing employee engagement plan.

Triad’s E-Learning Platform

Providing effective online learning tools for employees, sales staff and other stakeholders is more important now than ever. Our online training platform has provided demonstrable benefits to our clients throughout 2020. This includes a significant reduction in training staff costs and expenses, increased roll out speed of key training materials such as product launch or critical compliance information and crucially, improved management information and feedback.

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