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Ceravision Brand Review and Process Animation

Ceravision is leading the world in the development of high efficiency plasma lighting technology. The brand had remained unchanged since the company’s inception some 15 years ago. We had already created the new Ceravision website which provided an important insight into their key products and target markets. The new brand had to appeal to the various audience groups - commercial markets, environmental, OEM Licensees, Academia, Investors – and also reflect its key values and attributes such as innovation, expertise, industry leadership, new technology. And with the increased focus on global markets, nurturing, protecting and promoting the Ceravision brand consistently across all platformsand applications would become increasingly important.

Ceravision was seeking to attract new investment to continue to develop its world leading technology so that ultimately it could sell licenses to purchase the IP from interested parties around the world.

The culmination of our thinking and various iterations of logo and sub brand proposals resulted in a final presentation to the Ceravision board at which point our approach was signed off for production across various media.

The new logo represented the cutting edge technology; the reference to the sun gave a nod to the extreme clarity and power of the lighting solutions provided.

The ‘intel inside’ equivalent approach we arrived at was;

ionCORE - the name we gave to the unique technology that drives Ceravision’s brilliant plasma lighting solutions. It sits at the heart of everything they do and powers all of the various applications, both current and planned, across the Ceravision product and service range.

Ion also forms the basis for all of the divisional or application sub brands, as well as representing the last three letters of the Company name.

We produced new visual identity guidelines which then drove the production of a range of marketing and internal communications material. Delivery was driven by the deadline of attendance at the world’s leading lighting expo – Lightfair which took place in San Diego at the end of April 2016.

We created a stunning corporate presentation – for launch at the show - in the form of a 3D animation incorporating the modelled light engine to demonstrate the intricate workings of the plasma technology

At the heart of IonCORE is a High Efficiency Plasma light source, the Light Emitting Resonator, which has embedded within it a capsule containing a mixture of a noble gas and metal halide salts. When energised by radio frequency waves emitted from the antenna of the light engine, a high energy plasma is formed. The power is then regulated to allow the source to be dimmed and the plasma maintained over a wide range of light outputs.

The very efficient conversion of power to light takes place in the compact capsule. The small size of light source ensures unparalleled collector efficiency; in simple terms this allows the light to be precisely focused to deliver market leading luminaire efficiencies exceeding 90%. Unlike other light sources in which the large size of the lamp restricts the efficiency of the optics, or in the case of LEDs, where a number of points must be positioned and focused, the small light source required for High Efficiency Plasma gives it its efficiency and the ability to outperform its competition.


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