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Chelveston Renewable Energy Innovation Park


We were appointed to produce a ‘showstopping’ video for a high-level online event hosted by Cranfield University in partnership with the Oxford-Cambridge Arc’s Leadership Group.

The event would showcase the energy innovations across the OxCam Arc as well as highlighting challenges and opportunities that a global energy revolution presents to the area. Our brief was to create a video to promote Chelveston Renewable Energy Innovation Park and to capture the unique features and benefits behind this pioneering development. As the UK’s largest combined renewable energies park, Chelveston has an impressive story to tell.


We were provided with a vast array of photography and video footage as well as extensive background information around some of the ground-breaking technology being deployed and key facts and figures. All of this was absorbed and consolidated to form the story and narrative. We created three over-arching chapters to cover the park’s history, what makes it unique and demonstrating how it serves both commercial and domestic markets.

The first phase of work was to produce a storyboard which outlined the key scenes and accompanying messaging along with the imagery, video and drone footage that would be applied. Once presented and incorporating client feedback, we moved on to the production stage.

We wanted to reflect the technology and innovation behind Chelveston in the creative concept and developed a range of graphics and transitions which were used alongside the existing footage and key messages. Balancing the volume of required content with the need to maintain pace and engagement throughout was a key challenge. Combining promotional messages with multiple technical data necessitated clever use of typography and colour to optimise the viewer experience.


The final video formed part of a key section of the event and was used to introduce our client, Simon Toseland of Prop-Search who then spoke in more detail about the opportunities that Chelveston presents.

An edited version of the video has subsequently been produced, which can be viewed below. Further assets are also being discussed, including an interactive brochure using the some of the imagery and content from the video as well additional content updates as new sections of the park are opened up.

“The event seemed to go well and the video looked great. Thanks again to the Triad team!”


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