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Echo Packaging D-Solv Animation

Product Demo Animation


During the Coronavirus pandemic, Echo Packaging developed a new cutting-edge product which would help to reduce the handling of possibly infected clothing and laundry items.

The product is a fully dissolvable laundry bag and is used primarily by hospitals and healthcare workers enabling them to safely take their work uniform home to wash.


Echo Packaging requested a filmed video showing someone placing the laundry bag into a washing machine with a voiceover. Due to COVID 19 restrictions at the time, it wasn’t possible to film this. We decided that a vector style animation could in fact present this in a better way - as well as being more cost effective.

We had already created the D-Solv branding and iconography so we were able to turn this around very quickly. We added an upbeat soundtrack and some on screen messaging which helped to clearly demonstrate how to use the product.


Our client was delighted with the final output which now sits on their website and social channels. The product has been very successful and since launch, its use has diversified into other industries including owners of holiday homes, caravans and cottages to bag-up linen during changeover cleaning as well as hairdressing salons, bars, cafes and restaurants.


Animation Explainer Videos

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