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Triad. Think Creative

Holdenby House


We are privileged to work in studio space above the old stables at Holdenby House. What remains of Sir Christopher Hatton’s Palace, once the largest private house in Elizabethan England, is still a fine example of landscape and architectural design.


Triad works closely with Mr and Mrs Lowther, the present owners, who are eager to care for the estate’s longevity. We were commissioned to recreate the original mansion in all its splendour through 3D animation.


We used prototype plans and illustrations of the original building to produce a digital restoration- ‘Keeping History Alive.’ The animation tells the story of Holdenby House and how it has changed over the years which is represented through a timeline on the bottom of the screen.


The ongoing work we do for Holdenby House has a personal quality. We work alongside the estate’s stakeholders, sharing a desire to promote the beauty and history of the property.


3D & Animation Digital