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On- boarding Programme


ROC (Relay Operation Centre) is a critical part of Amazon Transportation Services and has been operating for around 2 years. The team was looking to double in size across all of its European operations by the end of 2020, even before the huge rise in demand for Amazon services following the Covid 19 outbreak.


We were asked to elevate ROC’s existing brand platform to stakeholders, employees and primarily new starters to the company as part of an on-boarding programme. The key challenge was to instil Amazon principles to all new employees and communicate the ethos and values of the organisation, as well as present all of the various functions within the Division in an engaging and inspiring way. We needed to create a communications solution that could be viewed by each employee individually but could also work as a training piece within a group environment.


Following our initial meeting with the project team, we produced a detailed brand development document which helped to establish and outline the primary aims of the project including headlines, messaging and story construction. Within this document we also researched the key business challenges and potential, organisational perspectives and the overall brand strategy. The final document was then used as a blueprint to identify the required outputs.

The first project we worked on was the ‘Inspire’ animation. The aim was to provide an inspiring overview of the critical role that ROC has within ATS so that new starters could see exactly what a critical role they were going to be playing in this critical cog within Amazon’s ever expanding wheel. We focussed on creating an emotional connection between the transactional tasks that staff complete and how this fulfils Amazon’s promise to the end customer. We used lines and dots throughout the animation to represent the connectivity, and visually demonstrate that without ROC there wouldn’t be a joint up global network. We wrote a verse and commissioned a voice artist to record the poem which was used to support the graphic animation and provide the messaging that we hoped would inspire new employees to Team ROC. .

In tandem we created a more functional presentation which needed to demonstrate what the various departments within ROC do, how they all fit together and how each element and therefore each individual is indispensable. We worked very closely with key members of each team to gather the information and present this is a way that would make sense to new starters as well as provide valuable information to stakeholders. The presentation shows the roles that individuals play within each function and how they all contribute to the effective working of Team ROC.

The final presentation was provided in PowerPoint, which means that it can be easily updated by the ROC leadership team, if required, giving them flexibility whilst still ensuring that there is consistency with the fonts and graphics. Whilst the presentation would primarily be used by a trainer, employees could also access a locked version to view in their own time or use as reference.


The project has been successfully implemented as part of the on-boarding programme for all new starters and was even more opportune than originally intended, as it launched in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

We look forward to working with Amazon ROC again to deliver various branded merchandise items for when the team return back to their offices.


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