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Connected Learning Training & Development


Encouraging personal and career development through continuous investment in people; producing engaging learning materials to help your employees be the best they can be, so they continue to make a positive contribution to the organisation.


PSA Finance offers car finance and insurance products for Peugeot, Citroen and DS vehicles. It is committed to Continuing Professional Development for all customer-facing dealership staff and has a responsibility to maintain accurate training records to comply with Financial Conduct Authority regulations. Previously, all enrolment onto, and recording of attendance at, any learning event was a manual process that risked not consistently ensuring the participation of all new starters.

The purpose of this project was to produce automated enrolment to a structured development programme, which would consist of a suite of e-learning modules, designed around a blend of video learning and self-validation.


The project was approached in two stages; production of a series of animated training videos and the development of the online learning system.

For the animations, we were provided with 10 product areas and a basic script for each. We created an over-arching visual style and then developed a storyboard for each product. The animations needed to be engaging, informative and memorable. We chose a vector graphic style approach that allowed us to be creative with colours, character animation and typography whilst ensuring the messages that were being delivered made it easy for staff to learn.

Whilst the animations were being created, our Internet Development team worked on the creation of the online portal. Working with PSA Finance for over 20 years means we have a deep understanding of how their online systems work, having created and developed many of them ourselves.

The new system automates the enrolment into the training system for all new starters and records all the training that they complete. PSA Finance Managers (at Zone,Regional and National level) have a dashboard to review and monitor the training that takes place across all the dealerships for which they have responsibility.

A major benefit of the system is that dealership sales staff can record their CPD training throughout the year, which helps to ensure PSA Finance are compliant with its obligations under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations.

The product training videos we created have been utilised in a number of ways;

  • As part of the learning platform for sales staff to watch, thereby providing an overview of the product and its customer benefits
  • Used as part of the sales presentation to customers in the dealership
  • Adapted edits sit on the PSA Finance website to give customers a summary of each product


The Connected Learning platform and its product training videos are available for use by sales staff at over 500 dealerships from across the Peugeot, Citroen and DS groups.

Within a year of its launch in early 2019, e learning engagement across the PSA dealer network increased by 470% (535 sales staff up to 3055).

In that time approved CPD records had increased from 958 to 12864

Training department expenses reduced by 50%

Dashboard provides data at zone, region and national level

The platform is being used increasingly as dealerships’ primary dealer development platform (negating the need for other systems) and houses an increasing array of reports and statements – as senior dealer staff acknowledge its flexibility and robustness. We will continue to work with PSA Finance to provide ongoing maintenance to the system and are currently working on a new reporting suite.

During the Coronavirus lockdown period, Connected Learning was a priceless tool – enabling critical distance learning to be undertaken as no face to face contact was possible. Covid 19 policy implementation training was undertaken using course content that could be set up inside a day, thanks to the flexibility and user friendly nature of the platform.

We were also able to support Dealer Principals and business owners, who would not ordinarily be providing customer quotes or discussing car sale options, with simple step by step guidance on how the systems work.


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