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Restore Re-brand


Restore has been managing other companies’ documents since 1954 handling every step of their data journey. The business has grown considerably over the last ten years – from £2m to one with a market capitalisation of over £600m. Strategic acquisition has driven this growth and the challenge now is to join up all of these various businesses into a coherent, joined up offering to deliver organic growth through cross selling.


Restore operated as two divisions; Records Management and Business Relocations. The branding between the two had no sense of connection and the PLC branding differed again meaning customers and stakeholders weren’t aware of the scale or experience of the group as a whole. It soon became apparent that an effective cross selling strategy would only work with a re-freshed consistent Restore brand. Extensive customer research established the key values and business attributes and this drove the creative approach. It was important that the brand we presented worked now but also into the future as and when new acquisitions were made.

We pitched various concepts to the Restore Board for the new brand approach, each with logical reasoning and creativity in mind.

Previous Branding Tree and Concepts

Restore Re-brand

Restore Re-brand


The chosen option can be seen below along with our rationale.

This is an evolutionary approach to the development of the Restore brand. The circle is a profound, transcendent symbol which represents wholeness, completion, protection and inclusion and is used to bring all the service sectors together and promote brand unity and connection. This then enables all the divisions to work together under one brand ‘Restore’ and start the new cross selling approach within the business.

However the ‘o’ is used in the future it will always remain at the heart of the Restore brand.

As part of the project we developed a detailed set of guidelines to be used internally and also for external suppliers demonstrating how the new brand should be used in different applications. This was a vital tool for the marketing managers to maintain consistency across all communications.


Throughout the process there were a number of challenges we faced, mostly around the legacy brands. Harrow Green over the years have built a good reputation and didn’t want to forfeit this so it was important that we dealt with this sensitively and didn’t make any un-necessary changes which could cause confusion for staff and customers alike.


The re-brand was first launched at a senior management conference and then through an internal newsletter to all staff. The brand was then implemented across a new Group website. Online marketing activity is now driving the cross selling strategy. We have received excellent feedback from the individual divisional marketing managers we worked with throughout the project and look forward to working with them in the future as the brand continues to grow and develop.

New Restore Branding Tree and Website visuals

Restore Re-brand

Restore Re-brand