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RS PRO-BOT Campaign


In late 2019, as part of our endeavour to expand our relationship with RS Components to other departments, we proactively developed a creative idea, which we sent to our existing contacts, and which we hoped would find some interest and enthusiasm.

One of our contacts thought our idea would be of particular interest to the RS PRO own brand team, based in Milan, Italy.

They were right. And our timing could not have been better. The RS PRO team had already engaged their own creative agencies to present ideas for a campaign to promote their own brand through 2020.


After meeting with the RS PRO team and discussing their brief, it soon became clear that our idea lent itself incredibly well to addressing their brief, only required some adaption and development to align it perfectly.

The brief was to promote the RS PRO brand through a campaign of activity to a professional and industrial international audience using a mix of digital media.

The campaign needed to raise general awareness of the RS PRO brand in addition to promoting its core values of quality and breath of range, covering customers’ complete needs.


Our original idea was to create a virtual ambassador for RS Components in the form of a 3D modelled character.

The RS PRO team astutely saw the potential for our character to become an ambassador for the RS PRO own brand; to become the emotional part of the brand; and to be the “personification” of the brand values.

Our discussions with the RS PRO team started before the global pandemic and were then evolved to the new situation we all found ourselves in.

They adapted their plan to promote specific product categories through the campaign period, replacing those product categories with products of specific importance in helping businesses come out of lockdown. These protective measures products related to cleaning and preparing workplaces for the return of employees and for the safety of those employees.

We developed the character, whose name became RS PRO-BOT, and created narrative storyboards for animations showing the ever-helpful, resourceful, quick-thing, problem-solving RS PRO-BOT in different situations.

The campaign comprised a teaser animation, where RS PRO-BOT is introduced to the audience. A mix of digital media was used, including website landing page, display and social. The campaign assets comprised teaser video and a series of still images created for banner and display ads.

For a second phase of the launch we produced an animation of RS PRO-BOT making a factory environment ready for returning employees. Animation and still images were used, together with copy written to support the visual assets, across display and social media, including LinkedIn, You Tube and Facebook.


The campaign launched in May 2020. Initial worldwide views of both the launch animation and the first product promotion (returning factories to work) totalled 15 million. Further metrics are being collated. The response from within RS and across the sales network has been extremely positive with real excitement amongst all involved about the campaign’s potential to elevate awareness of the RS PRO brand and to increase sales.


Character Creation 3D & Animation

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