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Keeping employees connected and engaged

It’s more important than ever while working remotely through the current uncertainty to keep all your people informed and motivated. Providing information is one thing but maintaining a motivated workforce when no one is sure what the future holds, is quite another.

To help achieve this and whilst there is maybe less external, client facing activity, it’s an ideal time to revisit your current internal presentation materials.

Some clients are coming to us now to review, re-fresh and revamp sales and product training resources. Whether this involves new filming, creating inspiring animated videos or a general makeover of existing assets, we have a host of experience in all these areas.

Others are asking us for ideas on how they can better join up their workforce to share ideas and experiences and learn new skills, as they acclimatise to a different type of work/life balance.

We’re also working on a range of other projects to improve internal communication and staff development, including e learning platforms and asset management tools. We’ll reveal more about these soon, in future updates.

In the meantime, we hope that all our clients and suppliers are keeping healthy and staying safe and, as always, if you need any help with what’s covered here, please do get in touch.

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