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Cranfield Executive Development

Brand Development Campaign


To develop a sub-brand identity which would elevate the perception of Cranfield Executive Development (CED) and deliver a high-profile identity which would complete with other business schools and consultancy providers.


After initial consultation with our client and their stakeholders, we developed a unique sub-brand identity and range of outputs for CED which would increase opportunities with their current clients, as well as positioning them as an authority within the target regions of the UK & Middle East. We developed a visual identity that would appeal to large, corporate businesses, whilst ensuring that it aligned with the overarching Cranfield University brand - cementing the heritage and giving confidence to their target B2B audience.

After creation of the identity, we deployed a range of marketing communications to support the launch of the new proposition. Our strategy was two-fold; to appeal to the budget holders at Board level and senior L&D/HR professionals, as well as attracting the ‘learners’ – those people looking for personal development opportunities with the aim of encouraging bottom-up buy-in. We proposed a multi-channel marketing strategy
which comprised of assets for presentations & events, LinkedIn activity, online marketing; including a website refresh and e-shot campaign alongside traditional printed materials such as brochures and hand-outs.

Imagery has always been a challenge for the School of Management, and they were keen to avoid the overused corporate stock images that they have resorted to in the past. Instead we developed a concept for a brand story animation which is a conceptual piece which visually explored the main themes and values of CED. Our approach was to devise an abstract narrative, creating a series of interesting shapes and graphics of different textures and evoking different feelings. We then took high-res stills from this animation which formed a suite of bespoke images that could be utilised across all marketing collateral. This was so successful, that our client has decided to make this their flagship animation for the brand – delivering something unique which stands out from their competition.


The campaign is due for launch in September 2020 and so statistics have so far not been collected. However, the anecdotal evidence is extremely positive with real excitement amongst all involved about its potential to attract interest, elevate the CED profile and awareness of the brand and to increase enquires.


Animation Branding

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