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DesignSpark Product Launch Campaign


DesignSpark provides engineers with resources for design projects, including those for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, mbed, 3D CAD and open-source development. For the launch of the DesignSpark PCB design tool, we created campaign collateral, central to which was a 3D animation, produced in English and Japanese.


Our client’s desire was to grab the attention of the viewer and make DesignSpark stand out from the competition, planting the thought in the viewer’s mind: “this looks interesting, I’ll download it and try it out”, confident that once they tried it, they would be hooked.


Let us take you into another world. An unseen world where nano-bots build circuit boards in the hum of electronic landscapes. A colourful, pulsing world of transistors, resistors and blinking LEDs with the potential to alter the course of our collective futures.

The animation whisks the viewer from the real world into an imagined world inside the computer, where nano-bots build a virtual PCB, reflecting the design process enabled by the DesignSpark PCB design tool.

The visual aesthetic, soundtrack and sound effects were intentionally created to evoke films like Bladerunner and Tron. Aimed at students as well as professional engineers the intent was to appeal to a young audience as well as a more mature one, with the rationale that student engineers one day become professional.


This project was great fun to work on, and we hope the campaign will be effective in promoting the DesignSpark tool. The animation has only been recently released so we are looking forward to seeing the impact the animation has on the overall campaign.


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