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Interactive Presentation


​EnerSys required an interactive tool to be used at the RailTex exhibition in London.The presentation was to be used on a 42 inch touchscreen kiosk to show a selection of products and associated applications.


We were provided with a vast amount of product data and the associated applications for each. This needed to be presented in a way that was clear and concise to the end user so they could easily navigate through to find the relevant information. In order to do this we created a toggle feature at the bottom of the page which enabled the user to switch between Product or Projects.

Another key feature of the presentation was the product 360 views that were modeled in 3D to create further interactive elements. This was a move forward for EnerSys who until now took battery units with them to shows. There were costs associated to transporting the products and there were often scenarios when demo products weren’t available, meaning they were sometimes limited on what they could take to shows. Our interactive presentation provides a solution to these problems and can be easily updated to accommodate new product ranges and other changes that may need to be made for each show.


The presentation was well received and has since been updated for use at further exhibitions. It also now sits online so is accessible and easy for staff at EnerSys to share with their customers and sales team. We have also made the presentation responsive which means it works on laptops and desktops as well as larger interactive screens.

You can view the presentation here


Interactive Tools

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