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Business Transformation Communications Programme

Business Transformation

Developing innovative presentations to explain how strategic investment and change impacts the organisation, its staff and customers to ensure employees buy into changes to your business strategy


Nationwide’s Business Investment Plan spans five years and is centred on 5 priorities around 10 key programmes. Nationwide contacted us to help them communicate this strategy to staff in a way that was engaging and easy to understand.


We received a huge amount of information to be condensed into meaningful scenarios and chapters which would be understood by the various audience groups. The outputs we agreed on were two short films and a custom-built online platform.


The aim of the film was to provide an overview of the strategy in a visually engaging way. Transforming several strategy documents into a series of short scenarios, we communicated all of the key changes and customer benefits in only five minutes. We wanted the film to grab attention from the start, so we decided to write the introduction section as a poem - this worked excellently to achieve the personable, engaging tone that we were looking for.

To create a clear and compelling narrative with a fast-paced, digital feel we chose a reportage filming style, using a mixture of go-pro footage and portable camera equipment. As the main focus of the strategy was digital technology and the ability to manage money on the go, we brought this to life by adding key messages in the style of email, twitter feeds and text alerts.

The online platform provides more detail into each strategic programme; documenting the customer, employee and business benefits. After digesting ten content-heavy PowerPoint documents, we devised a user friendly structure which presented information in a consistent way for each programme but was flexible enough to accommodate videos, infographics and animated demo screens where applicable. To achieve a consistency with the film, we used the section heading style as a landing page and integrated clips of the film as moving backgrounds– adding visual interest and colour.

Additional features included a bespoke content management system and creation of a seamless navigation experience so that pages don’t need to load as viewers move through the site. Finally, we locked down access so that it could only be viewed in certain locations, maintaining the confidential nature of the information without requiring individual logins.


Bringing together all of the elements in one place, we produced a large curved fabric stand with a TV screen to display the film. With three iPad plinths placed in front of the stand, visitors were encouraged to view the online platform and delve deeper into the specifics of the strategy.


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