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The Eatonologists

The Eatonologist characters


Product: Power Management Software
Super Power: Sees things that no-one else can with his super brain power and super predictive glasses


Product: eGrip PDU
Super Power: E-grip hands for total control. No accidental disconnection on his watch!


Product: Service warranty
Super Power: Ability to morph into anything needed in the IT industry. Master of all trades


Product: Noise-cancelling rack
Super Power: An impressive ability to filter out background noise with her noise-cancelling headphones


Product: 5P UPS
Super Power: Protects against power outages and downtime with his uninterruptible electrical shield.


To support the launch of a new rewards scheme, Eaton Electric asked us to develop a campaign identity to push integrated infrastructure solutions to their UK reseller audience.


To establish an overarching concept which tied together all assets and acted as a basis for the campaign, and have a lifespan of 2-3 years.

The target (resellers) are predominantly young men (20-30), incentivised by money, with a fun mindset. As Eaton’s corporate look and feel doesn’t match this we knew we needed to do something a bit different.

The two campaign objectives were:

  • To launch the new rewards scheme and get sign-ups
  • Communicate the quality and benefits of their key products


We developed a team of five ‘hero’ characters called The Eatonologists. Each character has different skills and powers which represent a different product.

Through these characters we created various narratives in a comic book style creative which was an effective method to present each key message or product benefit in a fun, engaging way – and stood out against the competition.

So far, the campaign has consisted of brochures, desk-drops, a series of animated videos, digital advertising, a campaign microsite, t-shirts and even lifesize character cut-outs!


The campaign has received an enormous response from all stakeholders, demonstrating a real impact on the target audience with lots of positive feedback and social media interactions.

Eaton have experienced record-breaking views of their digital promotions on 3rd party sites, and are considering expanding the campaign outside of the UK due to the overwhelming success it has had.



Character Creation

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